Roller Shutters

Adelaide's Top Choice For Roller Shutters

Home Security

Add more security to Keep your family and home safe and secure!.

Noise Reduction

Window Roller Shutters can reduce noise by up to 50%

Energy Savings

Save you up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs.

Privacy & Light Control

Enjoy total privacy, stop prying eyes and block out 100% of light!

Roller Shutters

Precision roll formed roller shutter profile made from high quality aluminium alloy. Foam filled for additional strength, security and a smooth silent operation. Suitable for widespan roller shutters and garage doors with special roll-tight design. Across Adelaide roller shutters are a popular option for its capacity of efficiently saving energy.

  • High quality painted finish.
  • Smooth and curved face.
  • Roll-tight design.
  • Range of colours.
  • Double coated + lacquer for abrasion resistant finish

All our roller shutters come with a five point guarantee, which includes:

  • 10 years Warranty on Product and Workmanship
  • 1 Year Warranty on install and components
  • 5 Years Warranty on Motor / Battery Systems
  • All Australian products
  • Install within 10 days

Why choose us for roller shutter solutions in Adelaide

Among many other rival counterparts in the industry of home solutions, our business in Adelaide is excelling by manufacturing the best roller shutters. Here are the aspects that set us apart from the other businesses in the same industry.

Reasonable pricing

In our range of roller shutters we provide competitive and affordable pricing across Adelaide to increase the access of customers to home security solutions. Basically, our aim is to make the mark in this industry as the best economical choice to enhance your reliance on shutter solutions, conducive to the protection of indoor privacy and prevention of the entry of intruders.     

Experienced team

Quality and certification are the testaments to our success when it comes to the installation of the roller shutters. Our brand not only manufactures the roller shutters but also we are working actively on easy installation of the shutters once you buy them. Plus, our technicians are equipped with cutting-edge technological solutions to get your installation job done as soon as possible.  

Australian Warranty

Adhering to Australian standards, all our products assure about 10 years of warranty on products and 1 year of warranty on workmanship. We are highly service oriented and it ensures the utmost commitment from our end.  For certified roller shutters across Adelaide, check out our page.

Outstanding customer care services

Our excellence lies in our highly qualified and hard-working in-house team, which has hands-on experience in the installation and maintenance of roller shutters, while the sales team is ready to resolve your queries. With our 24*7 availability and problem-solving mindset, our brand claims to offer extraordinary customer support service for the successful completion of home decor projects.

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability runs in the vein of our business as we have left no stone unturned to keep pace with the current environmental standards. AUSZONE BLINDS is a complete Australian business with its sole focus on the values and utilization of renewable energy sources for the upliftment of the living standards of the Australian community.

Quality Assurance

Products of AUSZONE BLINDS are quality certified and due to our factory-direct approach, we stringently follow the market standard without any compromise during the time of manufacturing of the home decor essentials. Our roller shutters and installation services are unrivalled across Adelaide.


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    240w Powered Automatic with wall switch/ remote control
    Automatic with 12w Battery Operated
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