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Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a great way to add elegance to your home decor. They are stylish, practical, and always in trend. One quality that makes plantation shutters is a must in every home is their ability to keep the room cool during summer and warm during winter.
Our quality plantation shutters that are synonyms with the word’s beauty, luxury, and superior craftsmanship. We specialise in the making of different types of plantation shutters in Adelaide, ideal for indoor use. Our products can be installed on doors and windows, allowing you to take complete control of the amount of light coming into your house.

Among a flurry of  window treatment options, plantation shutters in Adelaide are ideal not only for their aesthetics but also for their capability of strengthening privacy and maintaining insulation and utmost control over the natural light indoors. Grab the finest quality plantation shutters to strike a fine balance between beauty and functionality in your new or remodelled home.

Why will you buy our plantation shutters for your home? 

Our plantation shutters across Adelaide have garnered popularity and homeowners are choosing it over other alternatives. Let’s have a look below to know why we are the best in the industry.

  • Finest quality and aesthetics
  • Complete protection to the privacy and control over natural light and air
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Warranty
  • Expert consultation

Finest quality and aesthetics 

Our plantation shutters are made up of premium quality basswood, immune to the Australian weather and hostile conditions. Along with their sturdiness and durability, these shutters can complement the modern decors in your home and the colour of the wall paint exudes a sense of rich aestheticism. Besides the timber-based shutter options, we offer alternatives that are made out of hybrid materials and are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms. The supremacy of our range of plantation shutters in Adelaide lies in their capability of keeping the chances of warping and cracking at bay. For a complete makeover of the window, you can opt for these shutters as their frames are sleek and stylish to beat the monotony associated with the familiar windows.

Protection of privacy and control over natural light and air 

To make your Adelaide’s home more comfortable than ever, choose the plantation shutters at Auszone Blinds, we assure the complete protection of the privacy in every window item and the shutters are no exception. Plus, you can let the natural sunlight enter your indoor space by keeping the panels open.

Easy cleaning and maintenance 

Cleaning and taking care of our plantation shutters in Adelaide is not a big deal as usage of the mild detergent and regular light dusting come in handy in keeping the glow of the shutters intact. Our experts recommend cleaning the shutters with dishwashing liquid or soft pieces of cloth to keep the dust away.


We understand the value for your money and that’s why our warranty policy is there. If you find any cracks or faults in our plantation shutters, we are just a call away to replace the flawed item with a whole new one.

Expert consultation

The expert team of installers in  Auszone Blinds are ready to shoulder the duty of installation of plantation shutters in Adelaide to reduce your hassle. Moreover, our experts are there to guide you with valuable advice regarding the colour choices and installation of the shutters as per the window types.




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    Our range of Plantation Shutters
    Bayview ThermoTec

    ThermoTec is a market leading, specifically engineered, hybrid product which combines premium Basswood and Thermo25. It has the Basswood advantage of decorative and shaped framing options as well as the benefit of hard wearing Thermo25 poly blades.

    Bayview Thermo25

    Thermo25 poly plantation shutters are hard wearing and moisture resistant which make them ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, kid’s bedrooms, kitchens, and laundries. The material does not warp, crack or chip, making Bayview’s Thermo25 the most durable shutter available in the market.

    Bayview Basswood

    Premium Basswood is a natural timber product that does not crack or dent easily and provides unlimited decorative and shaped framing options. Basswood is one of the most preferred woods to make sturdy shutters. Wooden shutters go well with most interiors, and hence are a preferred choice of many. Though strong, these shutters are light enough to be installed with great ease. With a comprehensive palette of stained and painted colours, Bayview Timber Plantation Shutters are sure to match any colour scheme.

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