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Indoor Blinds

Our carefully selected decor items will brighten any room and give your home a touch of paradise. We are proud of our unique collection of home decor items available. Turn your space into the home you’ve always wanted, and we’ve got the products to help that happen. All with an eclectic nod to modern Hampton’s styling and the beach culture we’ve come to love.

We’ve hand-picked our range to ensure the products are both on-trend and affordable, inspiring you to design and create the home you’ve always wanted. We’re one of the leading home décor brands of indoor blinds in Adelaide.

High-Quality, Custom Designed, Stylish indoor Blinds in Adelaide

Beautifully streamlined and super stylish, AUSZONE range of blinds covers all tastes, styles and budgets – all made with the same care and attention. Choose from our wide selection of roman, roller or venetian blinds, or our classic vertical drapes. All our indoor blinds in Adelaide are designed to meet the current Australian market standards.

Rediscover Class With Adelaide’s Premium Indoor Blinds

Forget the ceaseless struggle due to the difficulty of finding the right window treatment for a complete elevation of the indoor look. Over the years, in the houses of Adelaide, our premium quality indoor blinds have taken center stage and made homeowners drool over it. Perplexed about the installation of stylish blinds in your home? Here our friendly customer service team comes to your rescue and is available for you round the clock.

How To Install Indoor Blinds At Your Home?

Installation of the indoor blinds in the houses of Adelaide has become effortless following the below steps, suggested by our experts.

-Measuring the height of the window and the width

-Using a drill machine to attach the brackets

-Mounting the indoor blinds to the brackets

-Securing blinds with the cords

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    Our range of Indoor Blinds in Adelaide
    TRACK Blind System - 100% BLOCKOUT

    The perfect sleep starts with a dark space and our TRACKs with BLOCKOUT BLIND System is the number one choice for blocking external light day or night. A popular option for shift workers requiring a dark space to sleep during the day, nurseries, media/AV rooms or even for those who just love a sleep in! OOut track blinds gives you ultimate privacy by blocking light from entering the room with its unique channel and headbox system.

    Roller Blinds - Single and Double Roller Blinds

    Evoke the classic style and think of good looks with our beautiful Roller Blinds. Our extensive range of fabrics, textures and patterns means that you can choose the interior design or you can be adventurous in your choices. We also offer a variety of bottom rails and trims to top off your look for a coordinated and sleeker finish.
    And it’s not just about good looks we will ensure that your window blinds are as safe as possible, operation is by chain control or can also be motorised. we install child safety devices on all blinds to keep children safe, without compromising on style.

    Double Roller Blinds

    Want to hide away from the world? Double Roller Blinds are perfect for those wanting a totally dark bedroom while they sleep. Position a blockout fabric on one roller in front of a sunscreen or light-filtering fabric. Double Roller Blinds allow you to mix and match fabrics to create a unique look that reflects your individual style – think minimalism when open, maximalism when closed. Multiple double Roller Blinds can also be linked together to allow operation by a single chain or be motorised for convenience and extra safety.

    Choosing the perfect look for your home is easy with our expert team of experienced window blinds professionals. Book your in-home consultation today and we’ll visit for a free measure

    Roman Blinds

    Favoured by interior designers because of their classic lines and simple elegance, Roman Blinds offer privacy and sun protection without fussy detailing – perfect if you want to highlight a Instagram-worthy view. Our quality block-out, sunscreen and light-filtering fabrics come in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures to suit all interiors and styles. Consider it an opportunity to extend your chosen aesthetic throughout the house.

    Honey Comb Blinds - Cellular Blinds

    Constructed with a series of tilting fabric vanes suspended between two layers of sheer fabric, allow total control over the degree of light and privacy. When the vanes are open, they beautifully filter the light and almost disappear, allowing a clear view to the outside. When closed, the blind provides privacy, without completely darkening the space.
    Available in translucent and room-darkening fabrics, in a variety of on-trend colours, which can be chosen to match your décor. The headrail can be colour coordinated to discreetly conceal the blind when fully raised.

    Veri Shades

    These beautiful curved fabric vanes contain a unique patented design that provides the elegance and functionality of a sheer/semi blackout curtain and the practicality and privacy of a blind. With the turn of a wand you can easily adjust the Veri Shades to control and adjust light levels, depending on the position of the sun, or privacy required. Ideal for modern indoor-outdoor living spaces, you can even walk through the individual fabric vanes whether they are opened or closed. If you like to keep home like a resort style or as a display home looking -it’s the best way to do it and -very much privacy controlled with a elegant modern finish look.

    Panel Glides

    Panel Glides give any room a sleek and contemporary look. The glides are a system of panels attached to a carrier running along a discreet track, which allows for the optional addition of a fashionable pelmet. Panel glides can also be used as stylish room dividers, making them a stylish alternative to traditional partitioning systems. They can also cover large openings such as doorways. Due to their simple mechanism and low maintenance requirements, Panel Glides are perfect for commercial settings or as a room divider. Each panel is anchored with a pocketed weight at the bottom to reduce wind interference. Each panel can also be removed from the track for cleaning – most fabrics are easily spot-cleaned with soapy water. Panel Glides are operated by hand, wand or a cord control system.

    Zebra Blinds

    A sheer alternative to a roller blind, TRANSITION Blinds add an elegant light diffusion of sheer fabric with the stylish practicality of a roller. The front layer moves independently of the back layer, allowing the stripes to glide between each other and giving you more control over light and privacy. The range includes contemporary colours and fabric palettes of statement stripes, including dramatic metallic finishes, pretty sheers and natural woven effects.

    ZEBRA Blinds fully roll up into the attractive cassette head rail to reveal an uninterrupted view to the outside. This simple feature, along with the highly versatile twin-layer design, makes Vision Blinds a perfect choice for those that want total control over their home’s lighting and privacy. Each of our Vision Blind options can be shaped and customised to meet the requirements of your home.
    We install child safety devices on all blinds or, for extra convenience and safety, you can automate Vision Blinds for added control.

    Vertical Blinds

    A classic style of window furnishing, Vertical Blinds are popular because of their practicality and versatility. Suitable for both windows and doors, they allow you to create consistency throughout your home. Our huge Vertical fabrics ranges are in both blockout and light filtering. We allows you to choose between weights and chain, special weights or sewn in weights.
    With dozens of shades, lengths, varying widths, patterns and textures available to choose from, Vertical Drapes offer effective light control for every room. Blockout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms while our light-filtering fabrics are more suited to living areas, adding a level of sophistication and elegance.

    Aluminium and TIMBER Venetian Blinds

    Our Venetian Blinds are highly practical and versatile. Easy to use and with great light and privacy control, they are available in different slat widths. Our extensive colour range includes pastels and vibrant metallic shades, suiting any decor or style. Both traditional and modern styles are available, with a range of finishes including; satin, gloss, matt, brushed, pearlised and perforated.With a choice of several lacquered cedar and painted basswood finishes, they can complement any interior design scheme. Easy to clean and maintain -Venetians can be operated easily with a cord or wand control. We install child safety devices on all products to keep little ones safe, without compromising on style or functionality. For extra convenience and safety, you can also automate Venetians.

    Sheer And Blockout Curtains

    Sheer and blockout curtains create a soothing atmosphere for any room it sets in. An array of options spanning from shades, sizes, and styles perfect for every homeowners. We have light filtering curtains, allowing you to manage the amount of sunlight from entering your space. You can even add room-darkening fabric recommended for a bedroom or cinema area for a dim environment. This is the ideal choice for maximum security and privacy, reducing glares in your space no matter what time of day it is. Fresh and modern, our new custom curtain range will frame your windows in style-With over 40000 curtain fabric options, from blockouts to luminous light sheers and sumptuous textures, our range will suit all interiors and budgets.
    Elegant, on-trend and oh-so-beautiful, our new range of custom curtains will add a finishing touch to your home.
    Visit our showrooms or book a free consultation to talk to our team , we will bring all samples to your home and you can choose the right fabric, fixtures and fittings that suites to your home designs .With our sleek designs, high functionality and endless list of options – will help you to create a space that’s tailored to perfection and at the right shade-and can be motorized as well.

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